2016 Annual Report

It takes a wide spectrum of big thinkers to execute on the cutting edge.

The proverbial phrase “Great minds think alike” doesn’t always hold true. Great minds often follow very different paths to achievement.

The logical thinker problem solves through deduction and analysis, while the creative thinker thrives in an environment that is unstructured and intuitive. Both find success within their respective operating systems, but when they work in tandem—combining big ideas with execution excellence—real breakthrough is realized.

This combination was critical when M Financial was founded, and is ever more critical today. By striking a balance between logic and creativity, M Financial remains a leader in collaborating with key partners, delivering innovative insurance solutions, and advocating for clients in ways that create sustainable value.

The logical mind approaches challenges with methodical and measured effort.

While there is debate as to the validity of left or right brain dominance, there is little argument that people tend to exhibit behaviors that reinforce the notion. For example, the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for rationality, rule making, details, strategic thinking, and aptitude for mathematics. Individuals with these traits are prevalent in the life insurance profession, and M Financial is no exception.

And it’s a good thing. When you create products representing a commitment that can extend decades, a thorough understanding of needs and solutions is essential. With families and businesses depending on us, our strategies must always be marked by discipline, meticulous detail, and a long-term ideology.


The creative mind finds solutions in the midst of chaos and unpredictability.

As one might imagine, creative-minded people have an entirely different perspective on problem solving than their logical counterparts. The creative thinker has a preference for complexity and ambiguity, a high tolerance for disarray, the ability to extract order from chaos, and a willingness to take risks. Creative minds make connections between disparate pieces of information and see things from unconventional angles, to anticipate the needs of tomorrow and generate unexpected solutions.

At M Financial Group, creativity—in any environment—is the foundation for innovation and the differentiated products and services Member Firms deliver to clients. Turning “what if” into “what is” has allowed M Financial to consistently set the standard for the life insurance profession for nearly four decades.

With the notion that great ideas come from anywhere, we encourage our entire community to bring theirs to the forefront.

Anyone can have a great idea; M Financial Group has embraced this reality from its inception.

It does, of course, help to start with the brightest minds, both logical and creative.

With more than 155 Member Firms throughout the U.S. and overseas, and a team of professionals dedicated to enhancing their success, we have a deep pool of talent from which to draw. With a passion for our core values—innovation, excellence, collaboration, leadership, and advocacy—members of the M Community challenge each other and demonstrate a diversity of thought to exceed the expectations of those who place their trust in us.